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The Montana Disaster Solutions rapid deployment protocols enable our team to arrive on site and erect  self sustaining communities often within 48 hours of the notice to proceed. We view it as our mission to provide peace of mind to our clients throughout commissioning. To do so, we have recruited a diverse and talented team with years of experience in the disaster relief and event industries. Our team is committed to providing excellent service in a timely manner, acquiring and maintaining new equipment and innovating procedures in an industry that demands flexibility. 

We have positioned our equipment and our staff across the country to be able to respond in the most efficient manner. Whether your event response protocols are just beginning to take shape or your plan has been fine tuned over decades, we would like to partner with you to ensure plans are executed without interruption, with the best equipment and the most capable staff.




Pre-Deployment Strategy Planning


Our team will assist in site selection and the planning phase of developing an emergency preparedness plan. Comprehensive disaster planning begins when you realize the need and want to take proactive measures to protect your assets.



On Site Logistics

Our site managers build sites with form and function in mind to ensure a safe and comfortable base camp experience for our residents. Managers remain on site to ensure day to day operations run smoothly and remain steadfast through decommissioning.



Equipment Management & Coordination

As a need arises our rapid deployment protocols will be enacted to ensure the best equipment is delivered to site via the safest and most expeditious route.  Technicians remain on site throughout the deployment to ensure uninterrupted service.


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